At the moment, this is a one man team with a quite awesome driver in reserve if I can’t find a driver willing to chip in some money towards the build. I quite fancy myself as Gordon Murray at Brabham (click to watch an awesome documentary) – a maverick designer who needed extreme smarts to overcome a distinct lack of budget… Time will tell 🙂

I was born in 1976 and have memories from a very early age of watching F1 on a Sunday afternoon. I can remember very vividly the black Lotus JPS cars, which put those memories at about 1983, or when I was 6 or 7 years old. I’ve stuck with F1 ever since, through the good years (no pun intended) and the bad, and have always marvelled at the engineering excellence, strategy and sheer deviousness, even when the on-screen racing (for many) wasn’t all that great.

It was about ten years ago I decided I was going to buy a welder because I wanted to make a buggy of some kind. I splashed out on a MIG and had a crack welding bits of metal I could find. I had (like a complete knobber) neglected to take into account all of the other tools I would need to build something along the lines of what I wanted. Being skint and discouraged I sold the welder. What a fool I was.

Fast forward a few years, I find myself living in Leeds, 10 years older with a better understanding of engineering, physics, welding (TIG 🙂 ) and a workshop, and again the desire to build something is still there. I can’t remember where gravity cars came into it, but since they did , they have never left. No engines and expensive consumables to deal with, just the raw physics and the engineering challenge that goes with it. A thousand hours of reading and watching videos later (mostly reading to be honest) and here I am.

A man. A plan. A canal. Panama.