On with the build part 2…

In my last blog I talked about how I entered a race and have thus had to get cracking with my build. You might want to jump over and read that first HERE. The next stage was the steering components and the completion of the front and rear rolling axles. I started with the front … Continue reading On with the build part 2…


Longboard Wheel Braking System

So the lack of budget has made me choose longboard wheels for my first gravity racer build - the LGR-002. They are cheap, larger than skateboard wheels (so roll better, arguably, but at least offer more ground clearance) and have simple atatchment. Basically, the wheel holds the bearings, and then you just slot the whole … Continue reading Longboard Wheel Braking System

How to Add Brakes to Skate Wheels?

Following on from my initial blog about using longboard/skateboard wheels on a gravity racer, there comes the sticky subject of brakes. Most regulations for soapbox races insist that you must at least have effective brakes that operate on two wheels on the same axle, i.e. both fronts, or both rears. Scrub brakes are often forbidden … Continue reading How to Add Brakes to Skate Wheels?

Skateboard Wheels on a Gravity Racer?

Well, this is the first post on the blog and it's funny that its content represents a real turnaround in the design of my first gravity racer. Unfortunately, budget is low, and if my first car is ever going to turn a wheel in anger I really need to start thinking about the cheapest possible … Continue reading Skateboard Wheels on a Gravity Racer?