There is good information about everything gravity Racing, but it is scattered all over the internet. here are the sites that I’ve found exceptionally useful, along with some of the forum posts that I’ve started, so you can see what discussion I’ve managed to generate myself on the subject… 🙂

This was a post I started on the BikeRadar forum, in an attempt to find out if there was such a thing as a 20″ BMX style wheel with a 14mm axle (thick axles are stronger) that also has a disc brake mounting.

This was I post I started on the F1Technical forum about Aerodynamics and a few other points. Mostly do do with a speed record attempt, and garnered some interesting responses that are worth a read.

Bodrodz are the current Guinness and WGSA world record holder. These chaps know what they’re doing…

The website for the World Gravity Speed Association. Mostly from the USA, but worth a look.

The Scottish Carties Association. A league run mainly in Scotland (as the name suggests) but also lots of information and tips on build and design, as well as most of the various sets of regulations in use today.

Formula Gravity, a series design for schools and colleges to take part in, mostly based around off the peg chassis and components. Interestingly, this is pretty much what Guy Martin’s car was based around. Even if you’re building your own frame they supply very strong hubs and wheels that they make themselves which I have personally considered and may end up looking into further.

A great article about tyre width and contact oatch, and grip. very surprising!