Like many projects of this nature, money is required to make it happen. While I have a workshop and most of the tools and facilities to make the car, money to help buy the bits I need would be most welcome. This isn’t because I’m tight, it’s because I really want to get started. In return for some investment I’m offering offering the driving job, as at the moment it’s all I can see anyone effectively wanting to “pay” for… This is the advert I put on my Facebook. Have a read, see what you think. Are you near Leeds and have a couple of hundred quid and a burning desire to race?

Gordon Murray seeks Nelson Piquet.

I’ve had a project in the pipeline for a few years, and I’m looking for someone to get on board with it now that I’ve got a workshop and the means to carry it out. I’m building a gravity racer (aka a soapbox car) and am looking for a driver.

You’ll need to have a few quid to invest in the project from the get-go, and have your last will and testament in place should you die in a horrible crash. A massive van would also be useful but no worries if not. Driving experience is essential, be it karting or track day type stuff, as it’s likely that oversteer will be something you’ll have to deal with. I’m looking to build a car that can be adapted to suit all regulations, so everything from local one off events up to national leagues and record speed attempts is all a possibility, time permitting. Watch out Guy Martin.

Alternatively, if you want to sponsor the car in any other way where you can see value for you, that would be great – maybe we could decal the car with your company logos etc? If you want to drink tea and listen to Radio 4 with me in Leeds while I build it, and learn a bit about design, aerodynamics, TIG welding and everything else, that’d be cool too. Bring milk. And money.

Priority at the moment are the hubs and wheels I desperately need which are very rare in this country. There’s a guy in California selling them complete for peanuts, and that’s making this all rather urgent because I’ll be furious if I have to pay top dollar for them later on. PM for details.

And yes, I’m completely serious.