What is Gravity Racing?

It strikes me that people might somehow end up on this website and wonder what the hell all this about, so I figure I’d better make an attempt at defining “Gravity Racing”.

Gravity racing, fundamentally, is the business of rolling down a hill with no engine or any means of propulsion other than gravity. It can include cars (sometimes known as soapbox cars), bikes, luge, skateboards, rollerblades and pretty much any other method of transport with wheels.

At some point, the “race” part of it comes into play too. This can be in the form of head-to-head racing (like F1), timed individual runs (like World Rally) or just straight ahead downhill speed records. There are lots of individual one day events around the country, as well as soapbox racing leagues, and of course the world records if you fancy going for them. Events are often fun affairs that encourage brightly decorated and themed cars (like the Red Bull Soapbox Race), but also range up to quite serious races where engineering excellence take precedence over Mario Kart outfits…

Which you choose is up to you, but it will define the type of car you build, how much it is likely to cost, and how far you’ll have to travel (and how often) for each event you enter.

All clear? Nice one.